If you also think Precious Plastic is a necessary tool for the planet and humanity, please consider supporting our work. Choose how to support below :)

Single Donation

We will always keep Precious Plastic fully open-source and free for everyone to benefit from. However, we haven’t really figured out a proper way to fund this yet. Your donation will go 100% into the project helping us to cover research & development cost. Thanks for your support! Hooray plastic recycling!

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Monthly Support

Precious Plastic is part of One Army, 600+ people support our work on a monthly bases! We use a platform called Patreon. This really helps us a lot as we can plan our finances in the long term. Your money will fund research, development, bills, rent, core team salaries, food, hosting etc.

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Partner with us

We run projects with organisations around the world. We do events, presentations, pilots and R&D. We basically know a lot about plastic and love to collaborate to push recycling forward! Some previous projects: Container in maldives, workspace in Kenya, table for Jaden Smith.

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Sponsor BIG Development

Precious Plastic needs constant development - new machines, techniques, platforms etc.. However, as we give out everything for free at Precious Plastic it is kind of challenging to find the budgets to develop this much needed upgrades.

This is where we could really use the support of you, your company or organisation. Below a list of the current most important updates. Shoot us a message if you want to help or need more details!

We also love crypto :)

The whole crypto world is kinda fun, makes donations a lot more exciting!

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...and help us spread the knowledge

We provide all the information to start a plastic recycling business open-source online. For free. But if people don’t know this information exists they can’t start. So spread it around to make sure it reaches every corner of the world.

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