starterkits to

create recycling spaces


to create

recycling spaces

Starterkits are packages with everything you need to kick off your recycling projects and tackle the plastic waste problem. Add lots of enthusiasm and you're ready to go.

Pick a starterkit below

Start a Collection Point

Collect plastic in your neighbourhood and fuel the Precious Plastic Universe.

Start a Community Point

Connect and grow your local Precious Plastic network and community.

Start a Machine Shop

Produce and sell parts, machines and moulds for people in the recycling network.

Shredder Workspace

Shred plastic waste into flakes to be recycled.

Extrusion Workspace

Make beams, bricks and more from recycled plastic.

Sheetpress Workspace

Make big sheets from recycled plastic.

Injection Workspace

Make precise products from recycled plastic.

Mix Workspace

Get started and learn the basics of plastic recycling.

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