A series of tools for the Precious Plastic community to collaborate around the world. Connect, share and meet each other to tackle plastic waste.


A tool for people to share step-by-step guides on how they tackle plastic waste. Learn how people around the world hack machines, make products, collect plastic and more.


A custom map to connect the Precious Plastic Universe. Find recycling spaces near you to push local plastic recycling in your area.


Find Precious Plastic events and meet people in real life. Meet-ups, presentations, conferences and more to start collaborating locally.


The Academy is the central place for Precious Plastic knowledge. That's where you'll find video tutorials, tips, drawings and much more on topics like plastic, machines, product design, business and so on.

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We think this tool can be useful to many more communities. That's why we share all the code online. Help us to improve it!

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