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One strong, global movement of over 80.000 people sharing the same passion and vision for a world with less plastic waste.

Collaborating everywhere

Precious Plastic community has been steadily growing since 2014. Organically. From friend to friend. By now, you can find someone working on Precious Plastic in every country. Making a difference. One step at a time. Day after day.

Nice sapiens

What's Precious Plastic secret recipe? Simple, the Precious Plastic community is made of true and honest people coming together to work on a shared goal: tackle the plastic waste problem.

1000+ spaces

Being open source it's hard to track how many people work on Precious Plastic. We estimate that about 1000 people, groups and organisation are working with Precious Plastic machines and knowledge around the world.

80.000 strong

Our online community counts on over 80.000 users working together and collaborating to find answer and solutions to tackle plastic pollution.

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