Plastic recycling is a complex business. Huge innovation leaps are needed in multiple areas. Below are some of the projects we'd like to look into with an estimation of what it would costs:

10k € ~ Develop workspace in a Dome

With this project we want to further develop our modular dome into a solid structure and, as we're at it, build a recycling workspace in it.

20-30k € ~ Big brick structure

With Version 4 we developed bricks and made an exhibition wall. We want to take this to the next level and build a big structure. Like a shed or a small house.

30k € ~ Find a solution for PET

Precious Plastic cannot recycle PET (the transparent plastic from most bottles) yet. We want to develop tools and techniques to enable our community to also recycle PET.

30k € ~ Find a solution for foils

The world of foils is a mess. Many different plastic types, aluminium, paper etc.. We want to find a low-tech way to do something better than burning this material.

40k € ~ Develop educational kits

We want to develop kits to educate people about plastic, recycling and Precious Plastic. Programs to be used by schools, universities and organisations around the world.

100k € ~ Develop 3D printer

We want to create a 3D Printer in Precious Plastic style. Open source and able to take in plastic waste.

200k € ~ Develop a plastic scanner

All plastic products should have their plastic type symbol. However, often these symbols cannot be found. We want to develop an open source IR scanner to be able to tell the plastic type without relying on the symbol.

200k € ~ Robotic sorting

One of the greatest challenges for plastic recycling is the sorting process as it is most of the time slow (still run by humans) and not very accurate. We want to develop an open source approach to use a robotic arm to sort plastic faster, better and more reliably.

500k € ~ Set up a full Local Network

We want to test a full scale Precious Plastic local network in a small town or district. Including multiple Collection Points, Recycling Workspaces, Machine Shops and Community Points.