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Get the container

In this chapter we will create a full plastic recycling workspace. We will build our workspace in a 40ft container as it is easy to transport and have consistent sizes around the world. This being said, you can also choose a different building, spot or space depending on what is available around you. In this first video we will show you how to choose a container, what to look out for, how to transport and create the doors and windows.

Download kit
Video Chapters
Buy a container
Cut windows
Make the door
Make the window
Container Specs (excl. machines)
~ 28 days
~ 4.5 tons
~ 3000€

Technical drawings

You can find all the technical drawings to build this container in our download-kit. They are divided into different steps and contain all the dimensions you need to create your workspace in a container.

3D overview

Below you can find a 3D visual of the container, so you can get an idea of the space, how it works, etc.. Click the button to turn it around and navigate the space. Detailed CAD drawings can be found in the download-kit.