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Need some help?

We are a small team with limited resources and manpower. Currently, we are not able to help everyone individually answering all of your questions. 

Check the FAQ below or visit our forums to find answers and post questions.

*Feel free to make a donation, so one day we might have a support-guy (or girl) in our team :)


Who is behind this project

Precious Plastic was started by Dave Hakkens for his graduation project at the Design Academy in 2013. Over the years a bunch of talented people joined forces to find a solution to plastic pollution. Check them all out here.

When did you start the project

The project was started in 2013 with Version 1.0, the second version was released in March 2016 while version 3.0 was launched in October 2017.

Why did you start

Plastic pollution is a huge problem regarding all of us. We want to find a solution and fix this.

Why are you sharing it for free

We believe this can have the greatest impact on recycling. We try to make it as easy as possible for people to start, removing barriers.

Creative commons, copyright and open source

We share all of our knowledge and material under Creative Commons licence. This mean that you can use it for free and without asking us prior authorization. Go ahead and use our blueprints, images, texts, logos or whatever you need to get rid of some plastic waste out there.

Do you make money with this

Barely. We’re not in this to make money. We’re in this to fix one of the greatest human-related ecological disasters. We count on hundreds of donations from people around the world and occasional collaborations with brands or organizations that we appreciate.


Do you sell the machine

No. We do not sell machines for others, we prefer that people build them locally or hire someone.
Just to make it clear, WE DO NOT SELL MACHINES :)

Where can I buy the machines

You can buy machines or parts on our Bazar or collaborate with machine builders on our Map. Make sure to buy from someone around you to reduce delivery carbon emissions.

Can I build the machines and sell them

Yes, we would love that. The more people recycling, the better. The profit is all yours my friend!

Are the machines safe to work with

If you make them properly according to our drawings it should be ok. Overall they are safe to work with. However a machine like the shredder can do quite some damage. But you can always customize the machines and make them more safe. Either way, always watch out!


Where can I get plastic

We've made a video about that.

How much plastic do I need

This totally depends on which machine you use and what you're making. Overall, the more you collect and recycle, the better.

Can I use all plastics

You can use most of the plastics out there, watch this video to learn more about it.

Is it dangerous to work with plastic

Depends which type of plastic you're using. The plastic industry says that if you're staying in the "melting zone temperature" you are safe. We don’t trust the plastic industry, so we try to always use good ventilation or wear a mask. If you want to know more we wrote a story about this in our download kit.

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