What it plastic, how much we actually use and recycle, different types, how to recognize them, and much more.

In this video we cover the basics of plastic as it is absolutely crucial to understand the material that you are going to work with it before diving into making. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about plastic- we've tried to make the videos super easy to follow!

Pro tip: start to look under your products and see if you can recognize what type of plastic it is.

Video Chapters
What is plastic?
Different types
Recognize plastics
Transform plastics
Machine Specs
~ 25 days
~ 40kg
~ 250€

Plastic types

Plastics are divided into many different categories depending on their structure and properties. Different plastics can be recognized by their name or number that should be usually printed or embossed somewhere on your products. The most commons are:
PET (1)
HDPE (2)
PVC (3)
LDPE (4)
PP (5)
PS (6)
MIX (7)

Melting temperatures

We have created a poster (hi-res in the download kit) to illustrate the melting temperatures of different types of plastic. Dig it, print it and hang it on your workspace!