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Sell your products

Hey recycling entrepreneur! 
With Version 3 we've introduced a super exciting new feature, the Bazar. This is our own little place on the web where people from the Precious Plastic community can sell, rent, swap and share goods, machines or services. We hope this can help scale plastic recycling worldwide connecting demand & offer on a global scale.


Before you jump into posting your first items on the platform there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you (seller) provide the best experience to buyers, make your business thrive and help Precious Plastic Bazar grow into a successful platform that will help reduce plastic waste globally.

1. Quality

It goes without saying that quality is at the centre of Precious Plastic Bazar. We require you to only post high quality items. No experiments or try outs but well tested products. Well designed, finely executed, properly finished & polished with professional photography & packaging. This platform can only be successful if everyone keeps the quality level of the items they sell to the max. It’s on all of us. Attention to details, curation, finishing, polishing, packaging, assisting your customers and delivery on time will help to offer the best possible customer experience. This will be a crucial aspect of your, and the Bazar’s, success.

2. Presentation

Quality alone is not enough, the way you present your products is also key to your success. A good presentation comes down to proper pictures and an accurate description. The better your presentation, the better your sales. Put care into this, shoot curated photos (maybe on a colored background or using a DSLR?), craft a detailed description of your items that excite and convince buyers your product is what they want.

3. Accuracy

Buyers expect to receive what they pay for. You have to try to be as accurate as possible and ensure your items and their descriptions match what you eventually deliver. Color, plastic type, shape, weight or size have to match your claims to maintain your customers happy in the long run.

4. Shipping

It goes without saying that quality is at the centre of Precious Plastic Bazar. We require you to only post high quality items. No The platform we’re using for our Bazar has rather limiting shipping options :( 

We had to find some workarounds- please follow these
1. In the “Price” field you should always include the price of your item + the costs of delivering it within your country.
2. Check the “International shipping" tick box. 
3. A new field will appear named “International shipping fee”.
4. Add the delivery costs of shipping your product to your neighbouring countries.
5. Always check the “Domestic (shipping included)” tick box. 
6. Below in the field “International Shipping Includes:” you should add the name of countries covered by your international shipping.
7. In the "Detailed description" field add a sentence that goes something like this: “If you want to buy this product from a country that is not included in the International Shipping (see below), contact me!” 
8. If someone contacts you maybe you can create a new item with updated shipping costs for that particular country. 

*Sorry for the laborious process but International Shipping is a very broad term coming with very diverse costs. If you have a better solution shoot us an email :)

5. Description

Buyers also want to know how the items they are about to buy are made, picked, collected or created. The story behind your item is a key selling point. And we know your story is worth sharing. Make sure to include as many details in the description of your item about your process, machines, plastics, people helping out, how you collect or how long it took you before you got your product right.

6. Profile

Buyers from Precious Plastic Bazar love discovering the people (you) behind all the awesome items offered on this platform. Because people are at the core of Precious Plastic, we encourage sellers to update their Profile pages in details to share who they are, their unique stories, information about their Precious Plastic workspace, processes, collection practices or folks who help them run their projects. These details are fundamental to inspire curiosity and gain trust from buyers and have a successful experience (selling your items).

7. promptness

People enjoy a prompt response or assistance when they needed it. If you receive a message from a buyer inquiring about a product or delivery method make sure to reply within a few hours, not days. If you receive an order for your item send it out for shipment within a day, not a week. Promptness help boost your sales and improve your customer experience (you don’t want to have bad reviews).

8. Community

Precious Plastic Bazar success will depend on all of us. Let’s respect each other, make sure we offer the best possible products, items, machines and services to our audiences and try have a good time.

9. Examples of items to sell

- Previously used Precious Plastic machines
- Parts of the machines
- Hacks of the machines
- Batches of raw plastic (not shredded)
- Storage system for shredded plastic
- Electric motors
- Bags of shredded plastic  (5 kg HDPE, PP etc..)
- Precious Plastic Stickers
- Custom made moulds
- Laser cutted hoppers
- Branded collection bags
- Products made with the machines
- Offer photographic services
- Surprise us