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We can work with plastic in many different ways, just like any other material. Here we will show you some of Precious Plastic's favourite techiniques to work with plastic waste. Take the techniques below as the starting point for your own research into plastic recycling. Have fun!

CNC milling

Jerry will show you how to make a phone case mould using CNC millings.

Made by Jerry

Aluminium casting

Johe will show you how to make an aluminium casted mould to create climbing grips.

Made by Johe

Welded mould

Taco will show you a very simple way to create tiles welding your mould.

Made by Taco


Sonia will show you a super accessible technique to make stunning marble-like products.

Made by Sonia


Mathijs will show you how to make a bowl with a laser cut mould.

Made by Mathijs

Fused bags

Bjorn will show you a simple way of using single use plastic bags to make a tote bag.

Made by Bjorn


Dave will show you a new technique to make beams with a simple tube (and upgraded extrusion).

Made by Dave


Marta will show you how to create beautiful rings and necklesses from polystyrene.

Made by Marta
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