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Extrusion screw

Version 2 of the extrusion machine uses a wood auger to transport the plastic from one side to the other of the barrel while being heated up and melted. It works fine for most applications but if you want to push extrusion to the next level you need a screw that built up pressure while transporting the plastic. You need an industrial screw.

In theory an industrial extrusion screw requires less heating (watts) since the friction inside of the barrel is already heating up the plastic, however, it does require more power from the motor. You can simply swap this screw for your existing one, but make sure you  reinforce your machine. This is very important as this screw brings way more pressure on your machine, particularly on the barrel-holder, the motor and the bottom plate.

Have a look at our ‘beam making video’ to learn more about this and see what you can do with an upgrades screw.
You can find the technical drawing in our download-kit if you're adventurous enough to make it yourself or sell the screw on our Bazar.