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Shredder machine

The shredder is the backbone of Precious Plastic. Thanks to this machine we can shred bigger plastic objects into small flakes. Smaller flakes are easier to store and wash. The shredded plastic can be used as raw material for the other machines or be sold back to the industry. You can select the output size of these flakes by changing the sieve inside the machine. 

Pro tip: If you shred plastic by colours you can have more control over the look and feel of your creations- adding value to the material.

*We have an upgrade for this machine!

Download kit
Video Chapters
Shredding box
Power supply
How it works
Machine Specs
~ 14 days
~ 40 kg
~ 300€

Technical drawings

You can find all the technical drawings to build this machine in our download-kit. They are divided into different steps and contain all the dimensions you need to build the machine.

3D overview

Below you can find a 3D visual of the machine, just to give you a basic understanding how it works, click the button to turn it around. Detailed CAD drawings can be found in the download-kit.


The output of the shredder isn’t super cool by itself just some chopped up plastic flakes. You can change the size of these flakes by changing the sieve. Different sizes of flakes will give a different pattern, smaller flakes melt easier but take longer to shred. Play around and see what works the best for you!

Built by the community

We are always amazed to see what our community can come up with. Below is a small selection of shredders built by people in our community following Precious Plastic drawings. Truly incredible!

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