Build an extrusion machine

Machine Specs

Difficulty *****
Weight +/-20KG
Material costs €192
Building time 5 Days
Download Files

Video chapters

Time Difficulty Step
00:08 * Introduction
00:46 ** Making the hopper
02:22 *** Making the barrel
04:48 **** Making the nozzle
07:05 *** Making the barrel holder
08:44 *** Making the framework
10:43 **** Connecting the electronics
15:03 ** How to use the machine
16:41 * Questions?

About extrusion

Extrusion is a continuous process where plastic flakes are inserted into the hopper and extruded into a line of plastic. These lines can be used to make new raw materials such as 3d printing filament, make granulated plastic, spun around a mold, or used by you in new and creative ways.

Technical drawings

You can find all the technical drawings to build this machine in our download-kit. They are divided into different steps and contain all the dimensions you need to build the machine.

3D overview

Below you can find a 3D visual of the machine, just to give you a basic understanding how it works, click the button to turn it around. Detailed CAD drawings can be found in the download-kit.


The extrusion machine has quite a specific output, a line. This is well suited to make new granulate and 3D printer filament. However, use your creativity and you will find other applications for it as well. Change the nozzle for different shapes and sizes, turn it around a mold to make lamps or a handle for a knife.


There are a lot of things you can do with this machine, you could customize it or make completely new molds we couldn’t even imagine. In our forums you can share your hacks and creations. The most interesting and useful ones are shared on our extra page. Below you can see a few creations for this machine.

lasercut hopper Precious Plastic

A lasercutted hopper for the extrusion machine

Filament maker Precious Plastic

Filament maker we use for our machine, still in beta


Got questions, need more information, or something is just not fully clear? Please visit our support page, or directly visit our forums. This is the best place to get in touch with the community and to get an answer to your questions.

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