Getting started!

Video chapters

Time Difficulty Step
00:07 * Introduction
00:42 * What you will learn
01:40 * Help out and feedback
02:01 * Donate
02:30 * Share it around

Video overview

Hi! Awesome to see you are interested in recycling plastic. We've made a series of videos to share all the most crucial things we've learned over the last years about recycling plastic. We will teach you all the basic to get started, how to separate different plastic types, build your own machines, best ways to collect plastic, templates to download, and much more. Once you’ve watched them you are ready to start a little recycling factory. Good luck!


Got questions, need more information, or something is just not fully clear? Please visit our support page, or directly visit our forums. This is the best place to get in touch with the community and to get an answer to your questions.

We need your HELP to boost plastic recycling all over the world!