Special Thanks

I wanted to use this space of the web to personally thank everyone that is/was involved in the project so far. Precious Plastic wouldn’t be the same without these heroes contributing with their expertise.
Big special thanks to you guys!

— Dave

Kees de Ligt

Yes, the Dutch machine builder that replied to the video! He ended up putting way more of his time into the project. He is the reason the machines are rock-solid.

Alejandro Luna

The Mexican guy that came voluntarily and paid his ticket to help out the project. Still amazed by this! Although his time was limited due to stupid visa reasons he put all his energy into improving the machines!

Mattia Bernini

He was suddenly in our workshop all the way from Berlin, amazing! He is now responsible for the Design & Strategy at Precious Plastic.

Luc van Hoeckel

I share my workspace with this fellow. He is always in for a good brainstorm about Precious Plastic. And he has also been helping out making the instruction videos super easy to understand.

Pim van Baarsen

I share my workspace with this guy as well. He has been using his esthetical and creative skills to show others the possibilities of what you can make with plastic.

Leonard Lamprecht

I met him on twitter, said he wanted to code a website. Boy, he really loves to try out the latest technologies and develop for the web. Half of the time I haven’t got a clue what he means. But he always gets it done!

Lieke van der Vorst

This cutey is my Girlfriend. Always supporting, keeping faith, visiting landfills, and cooking nutritious meals to keep me going! Thank you for giving me space to execute my ideas Lieke!


Got their support for doing an in-depth research about Plastic. Exploring color blends, gradients, and melting temperatures. And share all this information online as a start for other makers.

TU Delft

They installed a very early set of the Precious Plastic machines. Together with master students that are following the material driving design course they are exploring possibilities.

Design Academy

With a group of students from Lab 3 we have been exploring ways how to re-use the material plastic by doing a lot of experiments. Trying to give it a different look and meaning.

Gemeente Eindhoven

They pretty much kickstarted the project by giving me an award which I could use to find a machine builder!


They made that awesome interactive worldmap on the homepage that shows where the project has been spread so far.

We need your HELP to boost plastic recycling all over the world!