Who made this project?
Version 1.0 of this project was made by Dave Hakkens for his graduation project at the Design Academy in 2013. For version 2.0 a few more people got involved. Kees, Alex, Mattia, and others.
Why are you sharing it for free?
We believe this has the biggest impact on recycling. We try to make it as easy as possible for people to start.
How long have you worked on this?
Started in 2013 with Version 1.0, and over the last years we've worked on Version 2.0
Do you sell your plastic objects?
No, we're not focused on producing things from plastic. The plastic objects we've created are used as examples to show others what is possible. We would love it if you start selling objects you create though!


Do you sell machines?
No, we're not aiming to set up a machine production. We prefer that people build them locally or hire someone there.
Do you know someone that can build me a set?
Depends where you live, have a look at this topic to connect with someone.
Can I make the machines and sell them?
Yes, we would love that, the more people who recycle, the better. The profit is all yours my friend!
Are they safe?
If you make them properly it should be ok. Overall they are safe to work with. However a machine like the shredder can do quite some damage. But you can always customize the machines and make them more safe. Either way, always watch out!


Where do you get your plastic?
We've made a video about that!
How much do you need?
Totally depends on which machine you use and what you're making. Overall, the more you collect and recycle, the better.
Can you use all plastics?
You can use most of the plastics out there, watch this video to learn more about it.
Is it dangerous to melt?
Depends which type of plastic you're using. The industry says that if you're staying in the "melting zone temperature" you are safe. We're not sure about this, so we use good ventilation or wear a mask. If you want to know more we wrote a story about this in our download kit.
We need your HELP to boost plastic recycling all over the world!