Designer Jivan Tatko was, if not the first one, amongst the first ones to build our extrusion machine right after the launch of version 2. That’s what we call an early adopter 😄.

Through the years, together with Maruha they’ve been constantly putting out superb products and fascinating machine hacks in true open source fashion- replicating, iterating, improving and sharing back. Today, Zelenew’s products are slowly but surely becoming well known even beyond the Precious Plastic community.


Zelenew is based in Lviv (Ukraine), where they live and work. Usually they work from a big workspace they share with other makers and builders but when they have the opportunity they work from their mobile “Factory on Wheels” around the city or at festivals. The Factory on wheels is an hacked version of Precious Plastic extrusion machines assembled from refurbished industrial components and a shopping cart. Pretty epic 👊

Process & products

Zelenew are absolute masters of the extrusion machine. Merging this industrial techniques with exquisite traditional crafts, Zelenew manages to create very precise and refined products with a refreshing handmade twist. Best of both worlds 😄.  Beside that they’ve also been working on mirror frames and festival coins for various clients. To check out all of their creations follow their instagram or get hold of some of their products on the Bazar!

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