Umelohmotne is a great creative hybrid combining a technical guy (Šimon) and a crafty guy (Lukáš). The duo crafts the most interesting products from plastic waste using Precious Plastic machines. Part of the Precious Plastic family since autumn 2016 their main goal is to educate people about plastic waste, recycling and “show the world behind the bin”.

PR masters

Umelohmotne is bringing Precious Plastic everywhere and to everyone. True PR masters. Not only they made it into Slovakian national TV, but also had the chance to speak to the slovakian president Andrej Kiska and explain him the hidden value of plastic waste (and the awesomeness of Precious Plastic 😃).

Process & products

Equipped with a shredder, an injection and a compression machine Šimon and Lukáš are creating very fine and precise products for their designers markets across Slovakia and Czech Republic. Working with very precise moulds, these guys create beautiful daily life products such as flower pots, bowls, wall clocks and bow ties 😳.

They’re also proper masters in colours, managing to control them very precisely to create unique patterns that combined with high grade recycled plastic make superb combinations. Check it for yourself on their instagram account or on our Bazar.

Learn from Umelohmotne!

Simon and Lukas made a video tutorial for the community to show how they makes their wall clocks teaching the world their tips and tricks to transform unused plastic into beautiful products. Big up the duck t-shirt :)

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