Taller Esferica

Taller Esfèrica is probably the most technical team in our community crafting incredibly precise products and objects with a very thorough design process. The project was born when three friends, Oscar, Marc and Aniol got together to rethink the way we create and consume products in today’s society. After studying Industrial Design Engineering they realised they didn’t want to spend their lives creating more products for the taking-making-throwing way of consuming.

"We thought that as designers we could have an incidence on both how people consume and how products are designed. We want to create industrial processes with infinite closed-loop cycles. Therefore, creating reusable, modular, upgradeable, disassemblable, reparable, durable and, finally, recyclable products.

Ambitious goal

Taller Esferica started to design a service where people will eventually be able to recycle and reuse materials to create products themselves, locally. The place will allow users to have access to waste material, to share designs with each other, access to recycling machines, tools to work with plastic and some other features. The concept is similar to that of a FabLab, but taking into account the closed loop material flow.

To reach their final goal, they decided to go step-by-step and started doing itinerant workshops where participants could see and experiment the cycle of plastics and understand how to design products that do not generate waste. Oh, and they have the sea which makes every workshop extra cool 😎

Super products

Trained as traditional product designers, Taller Esferica is able to pull off some of the best products in our community. Thoroughly thought off, well design, perfectly executed and finely finished. It's amazing to see new creations coming out of their workspace. So far they've been crafting water filters, combs, useful keychain and lately have been working on creating the first ever Precious Plastic sunglasses. 

Check out their instagram to keep up with their developments or support them buying their creations on the Bazar.

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