Rice & Carry

We love when our machines are being involved in social projects.
Founded by Susi & Henry in 2012, the social enterprise Rice & Carry focuses on improving the livelihoods of local communities and securing a fair income for women in Sri Lanka. The products they manufactured are made completely out of recycled materials and fair-trade fabrics. Besides providing income to local communities, this project helps creating awareness and inspiring people to clean up the area from the ever-flying plastic bags.


Rice & Carry has a small production facility near Komari in (guess what?) a container. However, most of the products are being made remotely, so women in Pottuvil can work more flexibly. Additional Rice & Carry is selling products in several retailers in Sri Lanka and overseas in Switzerland and Spain.

They were the first to start their plastic recycling shop in a container! In their 100% solar powered shipping container at the Whiskey Point, they offer their visitors fresh coconuts on the terrace while recycling- all with ocean view included!


All their materials (hessian sacks, rice sacks, ldpe bags) are found and collected in Sri Lanka and properly cleaned before being transformed into valuable products. On top of that, all of their locally manufactured fabrics are fair trade certified by the WFTO. Aiming for a zero waste production, they started gathering all the off-cuts and (in collaboration with the Colombo Design Studio) turning them into new products with the Precious Plastic injection machine.


Rice & Carry creates bags, purses, wallets, phone sleeves, surf board scraper as well as small injected objects like keychains. The products from this recycling organization are both a nice and unique hand made souvenir or gift, and a tool for higher awareness towards reusing resources and creative recycling!
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