Limpi is a project by dutch designer duo Mitchell Lammering and Debrah Nijdam based in Curacao, an island in the middle of the caribbean sea. Pretty sweet spot to be doing some much need recycling. Their mission is to clean up Curacao island from plastic, educate children on this issue and inspire people to take action.


Mitchell and Debrah built a shredder, an extruder, an injection machine and a little oven in a small shed protecting them from the sun. The machines had to be adapted to the precarious conditions of the island, having to improvise a lot with what was available around them. First moulds were made out of a cookie cutters but after some development they managed to access a CNC routing machine and make more complex moulds.

Mobilizing communities

Great part of Mitchell and Debrah’s job is to get the local community more involved giving presentations, workshops and organising big beach cleanups across the island- with their dog Joey on their side! To increase their impact even further, Limpi is collaborating and establishing partnerships with various local organizations and businesses on the island. By now, they are well-known on sunny Curacao and get a lot of support from the locals, who help collecting the plastic washed ashore everyday and later turn it into the beautiful Limpi products.


Limpi has been making great progress since they got started. By now they make great coasters, keychains, lampshades and baskets with amazing gradients- all packaged in beautiful handmade labels. They do many pop ups at design fairs and their products are sold in a various shops across the island, spreading the message to tourists and visitors. Make sure to follow their work on instagram!

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