Koun is a social enterprise based in Casablanca, Morocco. The project employs a number of local youths to collect and transform plastic waste in products to be sold to the upcoming Moroccan middle class looking for beautiful and ethically sound products.


In their shop in Casablanca Koun is selling a wide variety of Precious Plastic products ranging from lamps, stools, vases, bowls and more. They also managed to work out a clever way to stamp the plastic type symbol on each and every product that they sell so that they can one day keep recycling it over and over again. Shukran!


Koun's arsenal includes an industrial shredder, a compression machine and an extrusion. Their raw material is primarily coming from local businesses and the streets of Casablanca's medina. What makes Koun special is their ability to merge Precious Plastic with traditional Moroccan crafts combining plastic with metal, wood and textile in unique ways.
Follow their progress on instagram or to buy their creations check their Bazar.

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