Happenstance workshop

Bob and Jordan are the founders of Happenstance Workshop, a design company from London focusing on quality eco-effective products for the home. They are one of our latest discoveries but quickly became one of the most active workspaces in our community creating new content, products and experiments on a weekly basis. The studio aims at creating products that are worth keeping and are intended to last, whilst also being fun.


Happenstance Workshop creates a series very iconic and bold products including pegs, lamps, sheets and bowls. Their creations are mainly made reusing HDPE and LDPE milk bottles that helps them to create impeccable result (this type of waste stream maintains its qualities almost intact).


Happenstance works mainly with a shredder (not Precious Plastic), a compression and a sheet press that allows them to create very precise sheets of plastic of different thicknesses that they further craft in different ways. One underlying goal of Happenstance is to try and combine traditional carpentry with Precious Plastic. To check their advancements you can follow their instagram or can check out their Bazar if you feel like buying those great creations!

Learn from Happenstance!

Bob and Jordan made a video tutorial for the community to show the process behind making their STEW PEGS. Big up for sharing their secrets and best practices to transform used milk bottles into a useful product. 

Latest update ~~ 06/'18

Happenstance Workshop has been sadly discontinued as Jordan and Bob wanted to pursue their own creative dreams of becoming a carpenter and product designer. Best luck with that!

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