Bope shop

Terh and Permika funded Bope shop to sell high quality handmade products to Thailand's tourist. When Terh discovered Precious Plastic he quickly started building the machines and begun to turn plastic waste into products. Nowadays, they are creating and selling recycled products on a daily basis to customers around the world. We absolutely love their special contribution to Precious Plastic with their unique spacey style, funky explorations and innovative experiments.


Their workspace is located in downtown Chiang Mai- a spacious and clean place fit with an injection and extrusion machine as well as a custom made oven that allows them to produce big sheets of recycled plastic.


Bope creates most of their products from HDPE & LDPE plastic bags they pick up in their surroundings. This overlooked raw material allows them to make unpredictable & surprising creations with incredible patterns and colours. They mostly work with Precious Plastic injection machine to make tiles and coasters. However, lately they have been developing their own sheet press machine to make bigger objects like tables or shelves.


Bope shops' signature products are the tiles and coasters- no one makes them as good! Their precision and range of colours & patterns makes them the place to go if you wanna get hold of Precious Plastic tiles. Lately they have also been experimenting making vases, stools and tables- really promising. To check their experiments you can follow their instagram or if you wanna buy some of their products you can check out their Bazar!

Learn from Bope!

Terh made a video tutorial for the community to show how he makes his unique tiles & coasters teaching the world his secrets and best practices to transform used plastic bags into beautiful products.

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