Precious Plastic is a project started by Dave Hakkens. It was originally started as his graduation project at the Design Academy in 2013. Back then it was a proof of concept, something that worked as a prototype but was not ready for scaling it up yet. The machines needed to be developed properly. Easier to build, using basic tools and universal materials. Version 2.0.

However it’s been on hold for a while because of his other project: Phonebloks. In order to get Precious Plastic going he put a request online asking for a machine builder to help. Kees replied and the project rebooted. The development started again, some other great people joined the project as well, and everyone contributed their expertise. After working 2 years on it, it's ready for the world. A solid version of machines, instructional videos, and blueprints shared open-source for free. A complete package that enables people to start recycling.

Want to help us? SPREAD the project and let the magic happen.