Precious plastic


The marketplace to buy and sell Precious Plastic machines, parts and products. Creating a new recycling economy, so entrepreneurs can recycle full time!

What you can find on the Bazar


Find a Machine Shop near you offering fully built machines, parts, or kits you can assemble yourself.


Order custom moulds from top notch mould makers to start creating new products.

Raw Material

Buy the shredded recycled plastic, beams, or sheets you need to start creating precious new products.


Search a wide range of products beautifully crafted by Precious Plastic workspaces all around the world.

Sales volume

In 2019 the Precious Plastic Bazar processed more than €200.000 in sales. This money is going straight to entrepreneurs around the world, helping them to recycle plastic full time.

Monthly visitors

50.000 people are visiting the Bazar every month looking for machines to get started, moulds to create new products, and products made by our community.

Top sellers

There’s no better place to buy the Precious Plastic machines made by expert Machine Shops around the world.

Low fee

Precious Plastic charges a 5% fee on all transactions. This helps to run and grow the Bazar, supporting our sellers to boost their sales and expand their businesses.

push local recycling economy

Buy and sell Precious Plastic machines, parts, raw materials or products. And help create a new recycling economy.

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